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Where to Stay in the Solomon Islands


Gizo Hotel, Gizo


Gizo Hotel, Solomon IslandsBy Richard Moore

On our second night in the Solomon Island were were in Gizo, a small island off the northern tip of New Georgia,and stayed in the Gizo Hotel.

It is an older establishment situated on the main road and is right across from the town's small wharf and start of the market strip.

The rooms are clean, albeit with two single beds for this chap (ah well the cameras will get a comfy night's sleep), and the bathrooms tidy.

Again air conditioning is available and I needed it because it was extremely sultry with a massive thunderstorm on the way. The showers were cold but, in the heat we faced, were actually enjoyable.

The Gizo Hotel's bar and restaurant were great, with top quality food - including a massive crayfish for about $130 Solomon dollars - and the beer is cold.

Rooms at the hotel vary in price but you are looking at between SI$650 and $700 a night.

If you are in need of accommodation in the Solomons contact the visitor bureau and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Visit their website by clicking here.



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