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Solomon Airlines



Flying into Honiara from Brisbane


What did TikiTouring think of flights with Solomon Airlines?

Hopping aboard Solomon Airlines was a bit like a trip back in time.

The aircraft was older but, and this is a massive but, it had room.

The seat configuration allowed you to actually breathe and wonder of wonders you are able to move your legs from around your neck to unwind in front of you.

The business class seats were very comfy looking leather havens for weary travellers and even in economy class they were much more comfy than the modern variants.

As you would expect there were no screens on the back of the seat in front if you wanted to watch a movie then you had to look down the cabin above the heads of other passengers to two small 6 screens, or to PC monitor sized units above the centre aisle.

Armed with a laptop, though, means a lot of people can either work or watch something on their PC and the seats allow enough room to get those fingers flying over the keyboard.

On our Solomon Airlines flights both the international and internal trips the service has been excellent with cabin staff who are attentive and professional and pilots who seem to really know how to hancles an aircraft. And they are friendly in a genuine way.

The food is very good when I flew it was a choice pork and roast potato, or chicken and rice. I went for the pork and it had a good amount of meat and potato. While not a huge three-course meal it certainly was enough to end the hunger pangs and was good and tasty.

I was really impressed with Solomon Airlines at all levels from landing the international flights at major airports, through to the smaller regional planes landing on grass airfields.


In the Air

IE700 Honiara to Brisbane

The Plane: Solomon Airlines Airbus A320-211.

Class: Economy, but there is plenty of legroom and space for even very large guys. Technology is older but in every other department it rates well for comfort and isn't that what we all like?

Price: Varies. About $700 return.

On Time?: About two hours late due to passengers' connection problems in another Pacific country and a storm.

My Seat: 13D, just behind the business class section with its inviting big leather armchair-style places to relax. The configuration is thrfee seats each side of the aisle and, as mentioned before, plenty of room for people.

Fellow Passengers: The usual mixed bag of folks from all ages and countries.

How Full?: Not very, with many rows occupied by only one or two people. That boosted comfort levels and added to the plenty of space feeling.

Entertainment: Large monitors over the central aisle and small 6-inch screens at the front of the cabin section. Headseats were comfortable.

The Service: The cabin crew were excellent. Friendly, professional and always looking out for ways to make your flying experience better. Cannot recommend Solomon Airlines enough and I will gladly fly with them any time.

Food and Drink: Good food with selection of pork and roast potatoes or chicken and rice. Wine was nice and refill was without hassle.

Toilets: At back of plane for economy. Didn't use so cannot comment on how they were.

Airport Experience: Okay, but slow. A real bottleneck formed at security and then at immigration. Solomon Airlines Belama Lounge was first class and a welcome relief from airport heat.

Would I fly Again?: Absolutely. Solomon Airlines is a really impressive little company with great staff.


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