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Solomon Airlines



Flying into Seghe from Honiara


What did TikiTouring think of flights with Solomon Airlines?

In the Air

Solomon Airlines from Seghe airfield to Honiara.

The Plane: Twin Otter.

Class: Only one class and that's economy. Tiny seats.

Price: A$609 return. Being the only air connection between Seghe and Honiara you just have to pay what you are asked. But it's worth it just for the experience of being at one of the quaintest little airport sheds in the known world.

On Time?: 30 minutes late due to cancelled takeoff after oil gauge showeda problem. It took half an hour to sort out, including getting the captain and co-pilot up a ladder so the oil could be checked in the left engine.

My Seat: Didn't check as it was first in best dressed. Seats small and well worn, but reasonable views out most windows.

Fellow Passengers: Mainly foreigners but one local heading to capital.

How Full?: About half the seats were taken.

Entertainment: The window views.

The Service: Good no-frills service.

Food and Drink: None.

Toilets: None, but the Seghe airfield has toilets complete with eight-legged friends.

Airport Experience: Few amenities but you can buy snacks and drinks. Nearby is a small market and across the grass airfield you can join in a game of soccer with some of the local kids.

Would I fly Again?: Absolutely. The pilots thought there was an oil problem, aborted the takeoff, did their checks and we were airborne again within 30 minutes and landed safely at Honiara.


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